Integrated System makes data transfer seamless

Posted by IrAzizIsmail on September 27, 2023

Our staff generate a lot of data every day. It could be from marketing staff, sales staff, HR staff, Payroll Staff, Accounting staff, purchasing staff and others. Imagine that the data are in different modules, and the modules are not integrated to the other modules. Basically what the sales guy do in his sales work is not known to the account people. Data need to be transferred via a document and the account department need to key in the data again into their accounting system. This will consume manhours that coud be used much better if this wwork is not required ( i.e automatically done by computer). This could happen for data from Payroll to account, HR to account, sales to account, purchasing to account, marketing to sales, sales to inventiry, purchasing to inventory etc. In OfficeCentral we realise that the computer actually know what is going on and the computer could do all the transaction works without the staff having to do many data entry. In Industrial Revolution 4.0, this account data entry work will be taken over by the computer. OfficeCentral have implemented this Industrial revolution 4.0 technology. You should try this IR4.0 technology in OfficeCentral and see how it will help you and your company to be more efficient and help you to grow.