Posted by Sabri on November 15, 2022

April 13, 2022

Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd Announces the Launch of MyMasjid

Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd, the leading cloud-based solutions developer in Malaysia that developed OfficeCentral Malaysian ERP solutions for SMEs, Government Agencies, NGOs and Social Organizations, announces today its new product, OfficeCentral MyMasjid.

Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd believes that this advanced social and management platform is designed to help mosques and surau to meet the needs of their Muslim communities by boosting the management of mosques and surau to IR4.0 level using the latest digital technology and automation.

MyMasjid will be an integrated solution that can help mosques and surau to increase donations from all over the world through fundraising modules and also collaborative fundraising activities. To complement masjid and surau, accounting, qariah management and also events management are also included.

Mosques and surau can use the system for free, thanks to the corporate organizations and private individuals who sponsor the mosques and the surau. Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd is currently looking for more corporate sponsors who are interested in sponsoring the digitalization initiative in mosques and surau. Organizations who are looking for sponsorship opportunities can contact Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd at

If you are interested in using MyMasjid in your masjid and surau digitalization initiatives, you can visit MyMasjid website at

About Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd

Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd is the leading cloud-based solution developer in Malaysia.